The sky’s the limit for talented Adam

Congratulations to Grosvenor pupil Adam McVeigh, Lower Sixth, who recently achieved incredible success when he passed his flying exams to qualify as one of Europe’s youngest pilots.

Adam began flying at the age of just 14 and enjoyed his first solo flight, conducted at the Ulster Flying Club, on his 16th birthday – the youngest age possible, before completing all of his exams some two months before his 17th birthday. Adam officially received his license on his 17th birthday, which allows him to command any single engine piston aircraft anywhere in Europe.

Adam now has his sights set on completing other ratings such as a night rating, which will allow him to fly at night time, and an ‘I.R.’ – Instrument Rating, for poor weather conditions, that will help him towards his ultimate goal of commercial flying.

Well done to Adam on these superb achievements and we wish him well as he continues to pursue his interest in flying over the coming years.

Grosvenor pupil Adam McVeigh, pictured alongside Dr. Vasey, who became one of Europe's youngest qualified pilots when he received his license on his 17th birthday.