Think Equal Project 2012

On Tuesday 19th June Grosvenor was delighted to welcome Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich to share her experiences with its entire third form as part of its two day Think Equal Project.

The Project, organised by Head of Religious Studies Mr Mark Wardil and run in conjunction with the Holocaust Education Trust, runs annually within Grosvenor and is used to address issues including racial tension and community cohesion, encouraging students to consider the dangers of stereotyping as well as reflect upon their responsibility as citizens today.  In particular the project focuses on how the Holocaust continues to have a resonance today and aims not just to emphasize the horror of what took place during the 1930s and 40s, but also the lessons that can be learnt from these terrible events.

Without a doubt the highlight of the Project came on Tuesday morning when Mrs Tribich shared her experiences of life as a young child in Poland, her flight to Czechoslovakia in light of the Nazi invasion in 1939, the loss of loved ones as part of the Holocaust, her time in Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp in northern Germany and her efforts to rebuild her life following the conclusion of World War Two with almost 200 captivated pupils. 

Mrs Tribich’s powerful talk proved inspirational for those in attendance, providing them with an experience and teaching them lessons that they will never forget.

Many thanks to Mrs Tribich for taking the time to share her experiences with the pupils of Grosvenor, as well as Mr Wardil for his detailed planning of the two day Project.

Grosvenor looks forward to staging another worthwhile Think Equal Project in 2013.