Travel and Tourism Reward Trip to Crumlin Road Gaol

On Wednesday 29th March Grosvenor’s Year Fourteen Travel and Tourism class successfully staged a reward trip to Crumlin Road Gaol, for the top fifteen academic achievers in Year Eight based on the January examinations.

The event was organised to tie in with the Event Management module of the A2 Travel and Tourism course, with the pupils receiving a guided tour around the gaol; this included looking at its history throughout the 19th century and the Troubles, while also being shown around the underground tunnel that connects the gaol to the courthouse on the other side of the road. Finally, the visiting GGS contingent was also afforded the opportunity to look around the ‘C’ block of the prison, which would have held prisoners during the Troubles.

All of the pupils in attendance had an enjoyable day as the Travel and Tourism class organised a very successful trip that ran smoothly throughout. Many thanks to the T&T pupils who went to great efforts to organise such an enjoyable and worthwhile excursion, as well as teachers Mr Winters and Mr Newell who accompanied the students on the day.

Hopefully the staging of the event will contribute towards some impressive grades come the publication of A2 results in August.