‘Tree of Knowledge’ and ‘Eye4Education’ Events

On Tuesday 24th February Grosvenor welcomed Ben Best from ‘Tree of Knowledge’ as well as Darren Nixon and Ted Jensen from ‘Eye4Education’ to deliver sessions to its form five students relating to how best to cope with the pressure of exams as well as future careers opportunities available for young people in the labour market. 

With the year group divided in two and pupils attending a half-day session on each of the two programmes, Ben, as part of the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ Motivational Training Company and under the title ‘Laugh in the Face of Exams’, provided pupils with worthwhile guidance on how best to prepare for exams and how to cope with the academic pressures of GCSE exams.  Important information provided on the day included that relating to sleep, how the brain works, relaxation methods and potential rewards for academic success in the future. Later in the evening Ben also delivered a similar session to Form Five parents which met with an extremely positive reception.

In the other session, meanwhile, Darren Nixon and Ted Jensen from ‘Eye4Education’ spoke to 5th formers about Labour Market Trends. Pupils gained knowledge and understanding about what the current and future workforce trends will be, looking at a number of areas including potential growth areas, what employers want in an employee, potential salaries and where they could search for jobs, as well as higher and further education.

Both sessions proved highly worthwhile and were received extremely positively by the pupils present; in making pupils aware of potential careers opportunities for the future they were given the motivation to work to their best in the lead-up to their GCSE exams, while advice regarding how best to deal with exam pressure helped to ensure that they are well equipped for the demands of the upcoming examination season.

Many thanks to Ben, Darren and Ted for providing such valuable sessions and we look forward to welcoming them back to the school before long.


Darren Nixon from 'Eye4Education' speaks to Grosvenor's form five students on Tuesday 24th February