‘True Colours’ Art Exhibition

At the end of February a number of Art students in forms 4 to Upper 6th were given the opportunity to view a selection of the best GCSE and A Level work in Northern Ireland during the annual CCEA ‘True Colours’ exhibition, held at Clarendon Dock.

Pupils gained a valuable insight into the exam board’s preferred methods of working while the exhibition also offered an opportunity to gather inspiration for each pupils’ own externally set assignments.

A key area of interest was how other candidates present their work and what artists they use to help them in the development of final piece ideas.

The trip proved extremely popular, informative and worthwhile – many thanks to Mrs Blair, Mrs Denvir-Watson and Miss McCormick for taking the time to organize and run the visit.

Members of Grosvenor's Lower 6th who attended the 'True Colours' Art Exhibition at Clarendon Dock at the end of February