Tyndall Lecture for Schools 2013

On Wednesday 13th February a number of Grosvenor’s G.C.S.E. Physics students attended the last in a series of Tyndall Lectures for schools, organised by the ‘Institute of Physics Ireland’ and held at Queen’s University.

In total fifteen of the School’s top performing 5th form Physicists, accompanied by Mrs Watt, attended the lecture, conducted by Dr Melanie Windridge, who spoke on the issue: “Powering the Future – The Physics of Fusion”.

The lecture discussed such issues as the physics behind the fusion reaction that powers the sun, how physicists are trying to replicate the fusion reaction in massive experiments at places such as JET, the world’s largest nuclear fusion experiment, and the potential for harnessing the energy produced in the fusion reaction as a future alternative to fossil fuels. 

The lecture proved highly worthwhile and all at Grosvenor would like to thank the Institute of Physics Ireland, as well as Q.U.B., for the opportunity to attend the event.

A number of Grosvenor's leading Physicists who attended the Tyndall Lecture at Queen's University in February