Ulster Youth Choir & Orchestra selections

Congratulations to a number of talented Grosvenor musicians who have recently been selected as members of either the Ulster Youth Training Choir, Ulster Youth Choir or Ulster Youth Orchestra following a rigorous selection process held over recent months.

Amongst Grosvenor’s choristers, congratulations is extended to Year 14 pupils Amy McMillen and Gordon Kelly on their selection to the Ulster Youth Choir, as well as Tyler Smith, Ruth Sellar, Stephen Wright and Daniel Stewart who have each gained a place in the Ulster Youth Training Choir.

Selection for these pupils came following a demanding audition in front of Alan Leech, tenor vocal coach with the UYC, who conducted a series of individual auditions following a workshop which he conducted with the GGS Choir on the afternoon of Monday 18th December. As part of this audition the pupils were subject to voice tests and required to perform an unprepared sight singing piece.

In addition credit is also due to pupils Lucy Hamilton (violin), James Magrath (double bass) and Fiona Kelly (bassoon) who have been selected onto the Ulster Youth Orchstra; in their case selection came following auditions held at Queen’s University, where hopefuls were required to perform a prepared piece of their own choice, with an accompanist, as well as a selected orchestral extract for their specific instrument as sight reading, which is designed to be musically challenging and of an exceptionally high standard.

Sincere congratulations to all of Grosvenor’s talented musicians and choristers on their selection to these elite level groups, as well as GGS Head of Music Miss Rosemary Foster, along with fellow music teacher Mr Arnold, without whose dedication the School’s pupils would not continue to shine.





A number of GGS pupils, pictured alongside Principal Dr. Vasey, who have been selected to either the Ulster Youth Choir, Training Choir or Orchestra.