Ulster Youth Choir selection

Congratulations to Grosvenor pupil Zoe Harrison who has been selected as a member of the highly prestigious 'Ulster Youth Choir' following a successful audition at the end of November.

In addition fellow pupils Matthew Hedley, Georgia Galway, Emily Campbell, Jenna McCreedy, Katelin Fiddis, Jonathan Brown, Kendal Patterson and Alex Rees were also selected for the Ulster Youth Training Choir, open to pupils between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. 

The selected pupils will now be have an open invitation to attend a one week training programme at Campbell College next July, while they will also be performing at various concerts and events with the UYC and UYTC respectively over the coming months.

Each pupil’s selection for the prestigious choirs came following a visit to the School by Greg Beardsell, Artistic Director with the Ulster Youth Choir, on Monday 23rd November, in preparation for the GGS Chamber Choir’s recorded entry for this year’s ‘BBC Songs of Praise Choir of the Year competition’.  Following a one hour workshop in which the choir rehearsed their entry pieces for this year’s competition, Mr Beardsell conducted a series of auditions with individual pupils, from which the final selections were made.

Well done to all nine pupils on their selections and we look forward to following their fortunes with the UYC, UYTC and Grosvenor Chamber Choir over the remainder of the year.





Left to right:  Grosvenor pupils Alex Rees, Matthew Hedley, Jenna McCready, Jonathan Brown, Kendal Patterson, Katelin Fiddis and Zoe Harrison, each of whom have been sleected for either the 'Ulster Youth Choir' or 'Ulster Youth Training Choir' respectively