‘Villiers Park Educational Trust’ Initiative

Congratulations to Upper Sixth pupil Katelin Fiddis who was recently selected to attend an exclusive course entitled "Spanish and Latin American Society, History and Culture", run by the Villiers Park Educational Trust from 4th-8th October. 

The course involved just twenty-six carefully selected pupils, all from England except for Katelin and one other pupil from Belfast Royal Academy.  During the programme participants studied a wide range of topics such as: linguistics, Spanish myths and legends, grammar, the Basque Country, the Spanish Civil War and Latin America, whilst also learning how to effectively analyse movies.

Each day comprised between six and eight hours of lectures, all of which were completed in Spanish.  On the Tuesday the group took a trip to nearby Cambridge town where it visited the Fitzwilliam Museum and then enjoyed some free time, exploring the town as well as some University Campuses – namely Corpus Christi and King’s Colleges.

At the conclusion of the course participants were required to deliver twenty-five minute long presentations, in groups, on a topic of their choice.  Katelin’s group chose to study the Political and Economic situation of countries in Latin American, with its presentation proving a great success as it received excellent feedback from the two university lecturers taking the course.

The course was highly beneficial and helped Katelin to gain plenty of skills that will no doubt help her in her Spanish A-level studies this year, as well as when she hopefully goes on to study Spanish at university.

Participants in the Villiers Park Educational Trust's "Spanish and Latin American Society, History and Culture" course, run from 4th-8th October