Web Summit '16

Earlier in the month Grosvenor pupil Gareth Reid, Upper Sixth, was afforded an outstanding opportunity when he was invited to attend the highly prestigious ‘Web Summit 16’, held at the Royal Dublin Society from Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th November.

Gareth’s attendance at the event was the consequence of him being awarded a ticket worth £1200 in recognition of his efforts in successfully organizing the ‘Create 2015’ Conference at Derry/Londonderry’s The Playhouse in September.

The event represented the largest gathering of startup companies in the world, with a total of 42000 attendees, and featured six different ‘summits’ across three days, where speakers were invited to talk on a range of subjects.

Notable guests include Ed Katmul (CEO and founder of Pixar), Michael Dell (CEO and founder of Dell), Mike Krieger (founder of Instagram) and Brian O’Driscoll (as a BT ambassador), while the event also featured partners and investors from around the world, such as Google and KPMG.

On his attendance at the event, Gareth commented: “The entire summit provided a great opportunity to listen to renowned speakers, meet like-minded web enthusiasts and learn from those who are at the cutting edge of investment technology. With a bit of luck it wont be the last time that I get to attend such a gathering.”

Gareth’s role as C.E.O. of this year’s ‘Create 2015’ event came as a result of his involvement in the Northern Ireland Science Park’s ‘Generation Innovation’ project, while just last year he was also awarded the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ and ‘Best Elevator Pitch’ as the province-wide  ‘Invent 2014’ awards.

Given Gareth’s outstanding achievements at such a tender age we look forward to following his fortunes further during the remainder of his time at Grosvenor and beyond.