World Challenge 2012

Whilst the majority of pupils took the opportunity to enjoy a well-earned break over the recent summer holidays, an intrepid delegation of nine Grosvenor pupils, accompanied by Physics teacher Miss Sandra Harte, embarked on an adventurous one month trip to South East Asia as part of the 2012 ’World Challenge’ Programme.

The trip, which departed on 29th June and returned on 29th July, saw Grosvenor’s pupils - all members of this year’s 6th form, travel to Laos and Vietnam where they participated in a huge variety of worthwhile activities.

Following some sight-seeing as well as two challenging treks in Laos during the first week of the trip, the group made its way over the border to Vietnam where its members participated in a week-long project at a ‘Centre for the Disabled, Elderly and Homeless’.  Here each group member got the opportunity to interact with children and residents, delivering English lessons before donating beneficial items such as rice, milk and paper.  In addition, further tasks undertaken included painting fences and gates, gardening and picking up litter. 

‘World Challenge’ is the UK’s leading provider of educational expeditions for schools, specialising in providing 3-6 week long overseas trips over the past 25 years.  Grosvenor’s visit to South East Asia this summer marked the second ‘World Challenge’ expedition undertaken by pupils of the School in recent years - in 2008 a number of pupils, accompanied by Mr Gareth Bronte and Miss Katherine Fullerton, experienced a month-long stay in Chile through the company.

This year’s trip saw pupils develop vital team building and leadership skills, along with practical skills such as financial budgeting and communication.  So to those in attendance gained an appreciation for other cultures and a desire to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Well done to everybody who helped to make this year’s ‘World Challenge’ trip so enjoyable, rewarding and worthwhile.