Year 14 100% attendance achievement!

Congratulations to Grosvenor Year Fourteen pupils Tom Corr, Amy Cullen, Gordon Kelly and Holly Martin, each of whom were recognised on their final day of school for the outstanding achievement of maintaining 100% attendance throughout every one of their seven years as pupils of the School.

Tom, Amy, Gordon and Holly, each of whom began their Grosvenor journey in September 2011, were presented with their 100% attendance certificates in a final assembly, held in Lecture Dance on the afternoon of Friday 11th May, before all 130 pupils within the year group were released to commence their official study leave, as they now prepare to sit their A2 examinations between now and the end of June.

Well done to Tom, Amy, Gordon and Holly on an achievement of which they should be incredibly proud; it has been a pleasure to have them within the School over the past seven years and we now wish them the best of luck in their impending A Level examinations as well as in their tertiary level studies next year. 

From left to right: Year 14 pupils Tom Corr, Gordon Kelly, Holly Martin and Amy Cullen, pictured alongside Dr. Vasey, each of whom were recently recognised for the incredible achievement of maintianing a 100% attendance record throughout every one of their seven years as Grosvenor pupils.