Year Eight 'Bake Off' 2017

On the afternoon of Friday 17th December Grosvenor’s Year Eight pupils were given the opportunity to participate in the now annual festive ‘Bake Off’, with four representatives from each of the year group’s six form classes working together in an attempt to win the keenly-contested competition. 

Each class had to think of a theme, with examples of those chosen including 'Winter Wonderland', 'Reindeer and ‘Sleigh’. All six teams performed admirably on the day – working well together to produce an array of delicious delights, which could not fail to impress the demanding judging panel, comprising Dr. Vasey, Miss McDowell, Mrs Buchanan and Mrs McLaughlin.

Each team was awarded marks for taste, presentation and teamwork, with the eventual winners emerging as 8E: they created snowmen from different countries with their biscuits and, in particular, were very impressive in relation to their teamwork and organisation. 

Well done to 8E on their hard-fought victory and sincerest thanks to GGS’s Head of Year Eight Miss McDowell and Head of Home Economics Mrs Buchanan, who were responsible for organising and running the highly successful event.

Pupils enjoy participating in the annual 'Bake Off' on Friday 17th December.