Year Nine Shared Education Workshop

On Wednesday 28th February members of Grosvenor’s 9N Form class participated in the latest event which makes up part of their overall Shared Education Initiative alongside their peers from Lagan College and Our Lady and St. Patrick’s College, Knock.

This particular chapter of the initiative saw pupils from all three schools congregate in Grosvenor’s William Moles Hall, with the event focusing on Positive Mental Health.

The workshop on the day was delivered by representatives from ‘Action Mental Health’ and provided education regarding who pupils can talk to if they are affected by adverse mental health, how to talk to someone and how they can help other people.

In addition, later parts of the session saw pupils complete team-building activities and problem-solving tasks in order to develop their communication, leadership and teamwork skills, while pupils ended the day by producing posters to encourage young people to talk to one another and open up about their feelings.

Many thanks to 'Action Mental Health' for delivering such worthwhile content on the day, as well as Grosvenor's Shared Education Co-ordinator Mrs Ross who has been responsible for organising the School's participation within the programme throughout the year. 

Pupils from Grosvenor, Lagan College and Our Lady and St. Patrick's College, Knock proudly display their posters relating to mental health at the culmination of their workshop at the end of February.