Year Thirteen General Studies - RAF visit

On Wednesday 12th October Grosvenor’s Year Thirteen pupils welcomed Corporal Craig Downey, a recruitment officer from the R.A.F., to their weekly General Studies period where he spoke to all members of the year group regarding career opportunities within the organisation.

Craig provided those present with useful information regarding training opportunities, career pathways, potential grants available and the overall skills which the R.A.F. is looking for within its recruits, in what proved a highly worthwhile, engaging and educational address.

Many thanks to Craig for taking the opportunity to visit the school to speak to its Year Thirteen pupils; we look forward to welcoming further speakers, from various other organisations, in to enlighten our pupils over the remainder of the year. 

Corporal Craig Downey of the R.A.F., pictured alongside some of Grosvenor's Year Thirteen pupils, during his visit to the School on Wednesday 12th October.