Year Thirteen Politics trip to Parliament Buildings

On Wednesday 12th December Grosvenor’s Year Thirteen AS Politics students made the journey to Parliament Buildings, Stormont, where they were afforded the opportunity to participate in a series of worthwhile activities.

The day began as pupils met with two MLAs – Paula Bradley (DUP) and Chris Little (Alliance), for a question-and-answer session, before they were given a tour of Parliament Buildings and then taken to the Assembly Chamber, where they were told to sit on both sides of the Chamber and given a topic to debate – ‘Should the Voting Age be lowered to 16 in Northern Ireland?’

Pupils were given a few minutes to prepare their arguments and actively engaged in debate, following which their tour guide talked them through the debating rules of the Chamber as they threw themselves into, and became actively engaged in, the debate!

At the conclusion of the day's itinerary, the group’s tour guide commented on the quality of the questions that the pupils had asked the MLAs, as well as on their enthusiasm and participation throughout the debate.

Many thanks to all at Parliament Buildings who helped to facilitate such a worthwhile trip, as well as GGS Politics teacher Miss Fleck who coordinated the school’s participation on the day.

We look forward to reading about further Politics-related events over the remainder of the year. 

Grosvenor's Year Thirteen AS Politics students during their visit to Parliament Buildings on Wednesday 12th December.