Year Twelve Geography Field Trip to Magilligan Field Centre

On Tuesday 12th September twenty-one of Grosvenor’s Year Twelve Geography students made the long but worthwhile journey to Magilligan Field Centre, where they conducted a series of fieldwork tasks compulsory to the demands of their GCSE studies. 

The nature of the fieldwork involved looking at changes in a river as it moves downstream from the source to the mouth - specifically the Curly Burn River, a tributary of the River Roe. 

The day provided a great opportunity for the pupils to experience theory beyond the classroom and, although the weather was more than a little wet, the group did not let it dampen their spirits throughout the day.

Many thanks to Grosvenor teachers Mrs Rea, Mr Young and Mr Cowan, who accompanied the pupils throughout the day, as well as the excellent members of staff at the Field Centre itself; in particular Michael Cross, who provided excellent teaching and instruction throughout. 

We now look forward to our pupils’ endeavors being rewarded come the publication of GCSE results next August!

Some of the school's GCSE Geography students hard at work during their visit to Magilligan on Tuesday 12th September.