Year Twelve Geography Field Trip

On Thursday 8th and Thursday 22nd September Grosvenor’s Geography department embarked on field trips to Magilligan Field Centre where its Year Twelve students conducted a study of the local Curly Burn river as a requirement of their GCSE coursework.

On both days the pupils studied the river from its source, following it downstream and measuring the changes that take place in width and depth, river velocity and the size and shape of the bedload - the stones on the river bed.

In addition, pupils waded through the river in their welly boots, with only a few wet feet! They measured at six sites along the river, including one named the ‘Murder Hole’ as it was near the site where Cushy Glen, a highwayman and robber from the 1700s, dumped his victims! 

Pupils also benefited from applying the theory they have learnt about rivers to the real world, being able to identify features such as confluences, slip-off slopes and plunge pools.

The weather was kind on both days, though the rain from the previous night provided quite deep, fast flowing water in places on the second of the two trips.

Many thanks to all the staff who kindly gave up time to come with us for the day and we hope that the experience will transfer into impressive grades come next summer.

Some of Grosvenor's Year Twelve GCSE Geography students hard at work during their visit to Magilligan in September.