Year Twelve 'Tree of Knowledge' and 'eye4education' workshops

On Wednesday 1st March Grosvenor welcomed Ben Best from ‘Tree of Knowledge’, as well as Darren Nixon and Ted Jensen from ‘eye4education’ to the School to deliver a highly worthwhile set of workshops to its Year Twelve GCSE students

The year group was divided into two halves, which alternately attended the sessions by both organisations in the morning and afternoon. Ben Best’s ‘Tree of Knowledge’ sessions saw Ben relay a number of personal anecdotes to those in attendance, which helped to highlight how he has managed to achieve many of his objectives in life. In addition he informed the pupils on the importance of sleep – that the brain requires four hours to repair and the remainder of our sleep time is spent processing all that we have learned.  So too Ben focused on the importance of self-confidence and belief in relation to achieving your objectives, as well as describing different learning styles and how they affect each person’s revision. Finally, all pupils were asked to sculpt their dreams using plasticine in order to embody their long-term aim in life.

In the ‘eye4education’ workshops, meanwhile, Darren and Ted focused on Labour Market Trends, discussing employment rates for the population of Northern Ireland, outlining the National Qualifications Framework and analysing each pupil’s personal weaknesses and strengths. In addition, each pupil took a Multiple Intelligence Test in order to define their intelligence type (e.g. linguistic, logical, musical etc), researched suitable jobs and investigated the economy and budgets – all extremely valuable at a time of increasing competition for university places and jobs.

Both sessions proved extremely worthwhile in terms of focusing pupils on their futures – making them aware of the importance of good qualifications to their short and long term aspirations. All of the pupils involved found the day extremely beneficial and the School therefore looks forward to welcoming Ben, Darren and Ted back again soon to deliver similar content to more of its pupils. 

Ben Best speaks to parents and pupils during his evening 'Tree of Knowledge' workshop on Wednesday 1st March.