Year Twelve ‘Tree of Knowledge’ workshops

On Tuesday 20th February Grosvenor welcomed Ben Best from ‘Tree of Knowledge’ back to the school as he delivered two engaging sessions to all of its year twelve pupils across separate morning and afternoon sessions, followed by an informative talk to parents after school.

Ben, who has delivered workshops within the school over the past number of years, began each session with funny icebreaker games before focusing on study skills that could be of use to pupils in their upcoming GCSE examinations.

In addition Ben covered relaxation techniques - to help pupils cope with stress, whilst also talking about issues such as adopting a growth mindset, the power of positive thinking, career aspirations and the key to achieving your goals.

The parents workshop, meanwhile, covered revision strategies that their children could use, how to cope with stress, and positive encouragement and praise.

Many thanks to Ben for taking the time to come and speak to our Year Twelve pupils – feedback from them, as well as those parents who attended, was extremely positive and hopefully it will now translate into successful GCSE grades come the publication of results in August.

The school welcomed Ben Best, from 'Tree of Knowledge', back to the school to deliver a series of motivational and educational workshops to year twelve pupils and parents at the end of February.