Young Enterprise ‘Big Trade Fair’

On 6th December Grosvenor’s Year Thirteen Young Enterprise pupils, accompanied by Head of Business Studies Mrs Hunter-Burns, made the short journey to Belfast’s St. George’s Market where they attended the Northern Ireland Young Enterprise’s ‘Big Trade Fair.’ Despite only having one month to prepare, the efficient team of eight pupils managed to arrive on time and set up a very impressive looking stall.

The group decided to sell small ‘relaxation’ packages which included: two green tea bags, two chocolates and a lavender scented candle. Along with this, customers were able to pre-order their main product - a fidget cube – produced to assist the minds of young people with learning or concentration difficulties; however, it can also be used by anyone to relieve stress.

The trading began immediately with pupils Jack McCague, Dylan Gray and Robbie MacDuff on the main stall, dealing with orders, while Mark McCance, Katie Dowds, Louise McAnea, Luke Maneely and Lydia Anderson handed out flyers, informed members of the public about the products for sale and sold the packages. The team’s endeavours paid off as they ended the day with a healthy profit of £99; they all considerably enjoyed the fair and are now tremendously excited about continuing to sell their products at the upcoming Grosvenor Open Nights and additional trade fairs. 

Grosvenor's Young Enterpreneurs at the 'Big Trade Fair' at St. George's Market on Wednesday 6th December.